A dear friend of mine has a 16 year old daughter who recently has had two surgeries for a brain tumor.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the parents, as their daughter’s recovery has had moments of optimism and moments of sheer terror. It is a day to day struggle.

I have a 17 year old daughter myself; I can only imagine what these people are going through every waking moment.

Anna’s favorite color is purple, and people have started to send her pictures of purple things.

Being an honorary brit biker , I have a favor to ask.

Could you please put on a purple shirt or hat, park in front of a purple sign, or something purple with your british bike and post a picture in this thread? Maybe post a note of encouragement for Anna?

I will collect them periodically and send to Anna’s folks.
It would be a nice surprise for Anna’s family to see some of my purple britbiker friends. I can assure you they won’t be expecting pictures of old dudes on brit bikes!

Here is Anna, isn't she beautiful?

[Linked Image]

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!


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